Nootropics from Ayurveda with Scientific Backing

No matter how far we get from our ancestors, we have to acknowledge the fact that they have a huge impact on our lives. Even with modern technology, we are finding more often than not, our less advanced ancestors knew what they were doing. When it comes to health, this is even more apparent in countries like India and China with a long history of natural medicines.

In the Ayurvedic Indian teachings, there is far more to learn than simply the herbs and remedies of nature. Yet, today many of these herbs are considered nootropics or “smart drugs” that not only have thousands of years of history, but also scientific backing as well.

Because of the popularity of many nootropic herbs from Ayurvedic medicine, the research laboratories and scientists have put considerable time into determining whether these options are good choices. The evidence is in and the answer is clear.ayurvedic

Nootropic Herbs Proven to Work

There are many different herbal remedies within the Ayurvedic realm, but it is important to consider how many of them actually are researched and useful for the brain. Here is a list of some of the more popular nootropics with evidence regarding their efficacy.

Bacopa monnieri – this is by far one of the most popular and famous nootropic herbs from Ayurvedic medicine. It is nothing more than an herbal remedy that comes straight from the leaves of the plant itself. Kids in India are still going out and finding the leaves in order to improve their cognitive abilities. Recent studies show it is a great tool to reduce anxiety and improve mental performance.

Ashwagandha – another drug of Ayurvedic medicine, this option is potent as an adaptogen that helps the body handle stressful situations. It might be chronic stress that it helps the most and recent NCBI studies show that this is the case. If you are trying to improve cognitive function this is one of the two most well-researched Ayurvedic options to try.

Shilajit – while it is less well-researched than the other two, this is a great nootropic from Ayurvedic tradition that has a lot of standing and potential. The fulvic acid is the main bioactive ingredient that helps shilajit maintain its power. There are studies regarding the high anti-oxidant enzyme profile as well as how it can be useful for testosterone. Up to 23.5% increase in this hormone was found in infertile men.

Getting Started

The great thing about nootropics that stem from Ayurvedic tradition is that they are all natural. These herbal remedies should come with less problems and less of a concern than prescription drugs or synthetic options because they are earth grown nutrients.

Keeping a healthy dose in mind will prevent you from running into any short or long-term negative effects, but it is important to make sure that you stick to a natural herb when you are first starting out.

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