Back when you were a kid you might have heard your parents tell you that it was not good for you to eat too many sweets. Indeed, the sweets can hurt your immune system and it can cause all types of problems for your teeth, but dark chocolate might not be as bad as you think. Studies are showing more often than not, the chocolate that seems like it is unhealthy is actually quite good for your brain, heart, and other aspects of your body.

Chocolate BarThe point is to make sure that you are eating it with the right quantity of cacao and sugar. If it is a whole bar of milk chocolate, you might find that it is filled with ingredients that aren’t all that healthy and don’t have much benefit either. If you eat an entire bar of dark chocolate, there is a good chance you are getting brain enhancing chemicals from the cacao and other nutrients that come in it as well. In fact, the magnesium, iron, and other minerals in chocolate make it a perfect health food.

Most people don’t realize they can eat a chocolate bar or they are trying to reduce their weight and can’t afford to eat the entire thing. Whatever the case may be, it is important for you to remember that eating a bar is not inherently bad as you might have thought because of your parents. Just make sure you have the right quantity of cacao and not too much sugar.

You can eat a whole bar of chocolate, but you should also calculate that as part of your total daily caloric consumption. A bar of chocolate usually has around 500 calories so it is not a food low in calories by any stretch!